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93rd Annual Academy Awards -
Oscar Picks

93rd Annual Academy Awards Poster
Totals - ? out of 24 picked

93rd Annual Academy Awards - Oscar Picks by Reviews by Matthew

Shorts from The Screening Room – September 2020

Shorts from The Screening Room – September 2020

September 2020 – TV Quick Hits & Misses

September 2020 – TV Quick Hits & Misses

On the Turntable

Life Happens Here by Walking Tall Cover
Life can be so complicated.
Life Happens Here by Walking Tall

Revision_EP by Mark Miner
It's a Bigger Record Than the EP Format Allows It to Be
Revision EP by Mark Miner

The President by Wit Album Cover
To categorize “The President” as a simple pop song is doing it a great injustice.
'The President by Wit'.

Concert Reviews

Mötley Crüe 2014

Mötley Crüe – The Final Tour: “All Bad Things Must Come To An End”

Pearl Jam Arco Arena 1998
If you've never seen Pearl Jam or see them as some kind of sell-out, talent less, pop-culture icons you outta be slapped.
'Pearl Jam at Arco Arena 1998'.


Matthew and Oscar

Welcome to Reviews by Matthew

Reviews By Matthew is my space to review and talk about films, music, books, and entertainment related topics that I find interesting. This will largely be a film review website but there are times when I just can't help from ranting about something else so my bases are all covered.

Reviews By Matthew Announces New Website.

Reviews By Matthew s proud to launch this website. Please excuse the small mess. This site is still under construction. We are diligently adding archive reviews and posting new ones. We should be up to speed in short order. In the meantime sit back, look around, and let me know what you think.

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Welcome to the Screening Room

Concerning the website’s Review Process.
My Film reviews follow a very simple pattern.

Title - The title of the film being reviewed.

My Admission - This is my rating of the film in actual dollars. This is what the film is worth to me and what should be your Cineplex ticket spending barometer. You can spend whatever you wish on a film but this rating system is meant to keep you from spending $10.00 on a ticket that should only be worth $3.50.

One Line Review -This is the entire review summed up in one line. Many of them are humorous, some are eccentric, but they're all meant to give you a quick summation of the film. Sort of a bottom-line, that way you don't have to read the whole review if that's not your interest.

Review - This is the actual written review in its entirety. Enjoy them.
Under each review you'll find the film's poster for easy reference and some key information about the cast, crew, distributor, MPAA rating and runtime. Some names might be left out because of space or human error; I apologize, in advance, if anyone's feelings get hurt and know that I’m not above making corrections. Email me with your concerns.

As stated, my film reviews use your hard earned cash to determine their worth, and have a top score of $8.00.

For example: I would pay only $1.00 to see Spice World, whereas I'd pay $8.00 to see Fight Club, and a film like Scream3 might only be considered a $5.00 roller coaster ride to me.

Simple right?

In my honest opinion rarely is a film worth more than $8.00; and that includes those short runtime, or 3D, IMAX Experience films. If you paid more than $8.00 for a ticket I hope you’re getting a “Class Act” movie going experience. Some theaters provide this in their aesthetics, ambiance, or presentation. Please, I implore you; take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves. As an avid lover of film, I’m as loving of the experience of going to the theater to witness the spectacle. I mean in all honesty, you could be enjoying a copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray at home for $10.00 + or -, sitting on your couch in your underwear and blowing the windows out with your bitchin' home theater system, right? So go out, support your local theater, and fill out those “How Are We Doing?” cards or make some and leave them with a Manager. Ask for Special Events, accoutrements, acknowledge the staff, or express concerns as they present themselves. Go and relive the childlike wonder of the dimming lights, the smell of the popcorn, the roar of an audience’s laughter or screams, and the gum on your shoes. C’mon guys, you know you love it!

Note - All other reviews (music, book, theater, or concert) will follow the same format excluding the "My Admission.” I just can't put the same dollar value on things that have an ever changing or outrageous cost like concerts, theater, etc. It’s Ridiculous!
Anyway gang…
I’ll see you In the Screening Room


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